How do I change my ISP to XCSnet?

All the help you'll need to change your adsl line and data account to XCSnet

To change your current ISP to us, you will need to change over your ADSL line and Data account to us.
If you're not sure how to go about this, simply read on and we'll answer all your questions...

If your ADSL line is with Telkom:

Visit or call 0861 435 733 and apply for an ADSL line migration to us.

If your ADSL line is with another ISP:

Notify your current ISP (Internet Service Provider) that you want to migrate your ADSL line back to Telkom. As soon as this is complete, visit or call 0861 435 733 to apply for an ADSL line migration.

How do I change my Data account to XCSnet?

If you're on a month-to-month data package, simply cancel your current ISP data account and then visit or call 0861 435 733 to register for your new data account.

What if I have a contract with my current ISP?

You can stay with your current ISP until your contract expires and use our service at the same time if you'd like. Register on or Call 0861 435 733 and our support crew will gladly help you.

What will happen to my existing email address?

If you want to keep the email address at your existing ISP, we recommend that you contact them and change your account to an email-only account which is normally a very cheap option. This way you can keep our old email address and still use an awesome XCSnet account to surf the web.

How long will it take for my ADSL Data account to be active?

Your ADSL Data account will be active immediately after you have completed your sign-up.

Will I get a FREE email account with my ADSL subscription?

Yes. We'll provide you with an email address in the format as well as with a free faxbox! Just keep in mind, switching to XCSnet is incredibly simple and we're here for you, so call us, 24/7 on 0861 435 733.